Are you an Undercover Network Marketer?

  • • Do you STRUGGLE with what to say and how to say it when promoting your business or product?
  • • Do you get FRUSTRATED at the lack of RESULTS in your business when effort has been put in?
  • • Are you afraid of making mistakes or of what people will think?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, we have GREAT NEWS for you!

No more struggling with what to say and how to say it!
No more making goals and not reaching them!

We are committed to providing REAL LIFE education & tools that produce RESULTS with our premier ONLINE INTERACTIVE PROGRAM!

The Network Marketing Intensive Program includes:

• 6 JAM PACKED Modules delivered weekly
• 3 LIVE webinars with the opportunity to get your questions answered by the experts!

  • Learn how to retail effectively, create customers and keep them
  • Learn how to share your Business Plan professionally and identify quality partners
  • Learn how to make and calculate Goals and Targets that ensure you succeed
  • Learn how to prospect and meet new people without being WEIRD!
  • Learn the KEYS to Duplication so you can create Residual and Passive Income
  • Build the essential Success Mind Set - you are the tool that builds your business
  • And so much more!


  • Approx. 4-8 hours a week to complete the Modules & assignments
  • Ability to record good quality Video of yourself
  • Ability to upload videos to a secure place on the internet (we designate)
  • A Facebook Account

Network Marketing Intensive is valued at $2499

Our regular CFU tuition price is $1995

For a Limited time, you can attend for ONLY $597!

You won't find a better course that delivers more value for such a small investment! We guarantee it. When you COMPLETE all of the Modules you will see that we OVER DELIVER!

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TESTIMONIALS from our Students!

"Huge thanks to Doug Nelson and Melanie Nelson. I am very excited to report that since beginning this course and implementing the teachings of NWI; [drum roll please]....last month I was the top enroller - not only in my supervisor's team but in HER supervisor's team too!! They are asking me what I did!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing me that it is not only possible to succeed but HOW to and helping me gain the belief in myself to do it."

~Jodie Gibson

"While attending CFU's Network Marketing Intensive and implementing what I was learning, I made extensive connections last month and had more one-on-ones and home parties than any other month in the last 12, which translated into the most enrollments and highest paid monthly commissions this year. (celebrate!) Now with the insights, tools and information I have learned, I can't wait to see how much my team grows in the next 90 days."

~Rita Richter

"This class was incredible. I learned that with great training comes the opportunity to be successful. Every module I had aha's and found myself thinking, "so that's how you do it". I have been doing ML Marketing for 6 years and was at my wits end, knowing there was a way to do my business differently. I knew I need good training. Along came your course... I feel equipped and totally renewed now. Thank you!!"

~Cheri Soelberg

"This course has given me the concrete steps and plan to move forward in all aspects of building my network marketing business. Whether it be prospecting, sponsoring, appointment setting, name it; it's given me a clear picture to success through all the fog!"

~Carlos Sandoval


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Learn more about your Expert Instructors Doug and Melanie Nelson

Doug & Melanie both have an extensive and highly successful background in Network Marketing!
Having both built businesses that create Millions of dollars in sales generating 6 figures of passive income annually, they bring their Business Expertise and Network Marketing background to the table.

In EACH Module they lay out EXACTLY what to do to succeed and our NWI students see results as MONEY in their pocket!

The demand for this course, from their existing students, was so overwhelming that they decided to create the most comprehensive, in-depth program available online to assist their students to achieve a similar lifestyle & abundance that they have experienced through this industry!

Melanie Nelson

A Network Marketing Success Story, Melanie created Financial Freedom at the age of 26. She started her first traditional business right out of college, but realized a few years later that working really hard for the rest of her life, with a slim chance at retirement, was NOT going to be her plan.

A few short years after partnering with a Network Marketing Company, she completely replaced her business income with residual income. She closed her traditional business and began fundraising for charities to give back and started pursuing her dreams of being a trainer.

A star on stage, Melanie has trained internationally for the largest personal and financial growth companies in the world.

She is now the President of Ignite Promotions and contributes her business savvy, expertise and passion to helping others achieve their dreams.

All this made possible through the incredible success she created FIRST through Network marketing!

Doug Nelson

His experience as a child growing up in poverty became the catalyst that made him decide he would create his own wealth and freedom. By age 34, he was completely financially free by successfully building a multi-six figure Income with Network Marketing.

Later that year, Doug lived through an event that would forever change his life...he was in a serious natural gas explosion. Coming back from the brink of death and spending a year in rehabilitation, Doug realized the power of his unique financial situation. He was still getting paid while in a coma.

His passion and mission became teaching people "How to Ignite their Own Economy" so that no matter what happens in their life they are financially bulletproof.

His first book "Catch Fire; How to Ignite Your Own Economy" debut at #1. He is one of the most dynamic trainers on the planet today, teaching tens of thousands of students internationally the principles and skills of creating Financial Freedom.

None of that would be possible without the incredible success he created in Network Marketing!

It is a highly interactive & intense program that will assist you in Systemizing your Business for lasting Success!

If your Product, Service or Business makes a difference in the lives of others, then people deserve to hear about it and how they can take advantage of it.

BEWARE: This is NOT a program for the faint of heart, you MUST be committed to your Targets and building a Business to last!

So Register NOW to ensure your SPOT in the NEXT Class!

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Please note that this is not an accredited University Program,
therefore you will not receive any type of credits, degree or certificate.

The name is used for marketing purposes only.

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