There is a simple but highly effective system to follow when selling your product or service to ANY size audience!

Once you know the system, you can be YOURSELF when selling from stage.
No more skipping over and shying away from the sale…
No more over the top efforts…
No more fear, anxiety or negativity necessary!

If your product or service makes a difference in the lives of others, then people deserve to hear about it and how they can take advantage of it. Your ability to present and sell it determines how many lives you change!

Learn the system and become a master!

• Catch Fire has created a 6 week, highly interactive and intense program that will assist you in creating & developing your presentation and sales offer!
• Once you learn it you can apply it to EVERY and ANY offer you make in the Future!!

When the Class begins; Modules & Assignments are delivered weekly.


  • Create & develop your own presentation & offer!
  • Receive Expert FEEDBACK as you create & practice it!
  • Learn the simple Template to creating an effective Presentation.
  • Discover how easy the system is to selling professionally.
  • Find out the SECRETS to creating high sales conversions so everybody that wants to buy actually does!
  • Get OVER the SALES Stigma that has been holding you back!

The greatest value that comes from this program is in the COACHING & FEEDBACK you will receive! Trained eyes and experts will be helping you perfect your presentation, offer and your delivery!


  • Ability to record Video of yourself
  • Ability to upload it to a secure place on the internet (we designate)
  • Approx. 4 – 6 hours a week
  • A Facebook Account

The Million Dollar Offer Intensive is valued at $2995
Our regular CFU tuition is $1795

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TESTIMONIALS from our Students!

"I don’t know where else you could get this kind of individualized feedback and support from two world class masters at selling from the stage,.. without ever having to leave home."
~David O. Aspenson, Ph.D.

"MDO Intensive truly walked me through step by step, point by point to create fantastic presentations and sales offers. My sales & confidence have massively increased. I use the system and tools taught in the MDO over and over. My Coaching business has grown exponentially"
~Brad Freeman, Coach

"MDO gave me the path to follow! I learned how to organize my offer, to take people from their pain to the solutions I provide. It also massively increased my confidence to speak in front of an audience"
~Zac Stuart, Business Owner


Doug Nelson

Author of the #1 Best Selling book "Catch Fire; How to Ignite Your Own Economy" is an International Trainer and has over a decade of experience selling from Stage!

He has sold hundreds of Millions of dollars from Stage and has taught tens of thousands of students world wide!

He is the 'Trainer’s Trainer', having taught MANY others how to do the same!

Melanie Nelson

Her first job as a teenager was in sales and she has never looked back.

Creating Financial Freedom at a young age, Melanie had mastered the Science of Selling & Presenting.

Melanie was the first woman and youngest Trainer to ever teach the renown Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend seminar. In a single webinar she is known to generate $30,000 - 45,000 in revenue!

For a limited time, you can attend for JUST $797!
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