Did you know that Arguments over MONEY is the #1 Cause for Divorce?!

Don't be a STATISTIC!

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  • Learn the worlds easiest, most effective Money management system you can both agree on
  • Discover fun new ways to increase your connection and passion
  • Implement Proven Communication Strategies to eliminate needless arguments & resentment
  • If one, or both of you run a business, learn strategies that help you succeed and balance your life & work!
  • Learn Team Work systems for Couples and the secret to doing more in less time and effort; creating more happiness and fulfillment in your lives!

Founders of Catch Fire University.com, Melanie & Doug Nelson have created this AUTOMATED, 6 Module program to assist Couples in achieving a lasting and happy marriage, no matter what life or your business throws your way!

They partnered with Dino & Shannon Watt, Founders of the Biz of Marriage. As Master Marriage Coaches, they have been helping couples improve, regain, reignite and even save their marriages through their coaching programs and live seminars for years.

Together, these two power couples, who have built lives and businesses together share with you the tools, strategies and information to boost your partnership and deepen your connection.

Once Registered, class begins within 24 - 48 hours with the delivery of your FIRST Module via email. Modules are delivered weekly. Other reminder emails will keep you accountable to completing the course. You have access to the material as it arrives and for a total of 8 weeks.

The greatest value that comes from this program is in the Transformational ASSIGNMENTS! This will be fun, challenging and most of all worth it!

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  • Find out where you are on the Relationship Slope
  • Ground Rules and Reasons
  • Meet your Instructors
  • Begin to improve your Intimacy


  • Team Work
  • Business 101
  • Identifying Players & Positions
  • Do more in less time, less work


  • A proven Communication strategy
  • Getting on the Same page & creating a plan


  • Get the Money thing figured out and eliminate arguments & resentments
  • Proven Money management system for Couples


  • Categories of Sex; Have better sex and more sex!
  • Success in Biz requires great sales


  • The key to long term success
  • Reflection
  • Where to now?

TESTIMONIALS from our previous Students!

If you are in a relationship, you MUST take this course. Now, my marriage, my business and my finances are in a much, much better place! Thank you

My husband and I are working together and not against each other. When you have the love and support at home, it makes it so much easier to succeed in business or any other project.

Love & Money will take your relationship and finances to the next level. Your marriage or relationship will become stronger, life will be more enjoyable, stress will decrease and if children are involved, they will benefit as well! This course is even recommended for couples who do have a good relationship with each other and with money, because what you will create, is a foundation so strong, it cannot be broken.
Dr. Leona Allen

Thank you for a superb course! It reopened communication between us and helped in so many ways to re-organize our family unit to be more efficient & connected!

It also made us dig deep into ourselves and our relationship. Assisted us to communicate effectively on a REGULAR basis re-building the bond between us.
Kevin and Stephanie Cullen

This course was instrumental in teaching us how important it is to have weekly conversations around money. We use the principles we learned to work together to create a safe and open place to discuss our finances & lives. We also learned so much more that this was just the tip of the iceberg. We highly recommend this course for all couples! Karen & Rob Brooks



Both powerful, passionate and successful Entrepreneurs! When Doug and Melanie met it could have been a huge hot mess or a match made for the ages!

Being married and building an empire together presents its challenges, but Doug and Melanie continue to thrive in their lives and marriage. They share with you the strategies and proven methods that make their partnership work in Money, Love and Business.

It's when couples resort to their own "default" roles and responsibilities, when they don't communicate, when they don't spend time together as a couple, that passion and team work breaks down. You know this, but let this course help you actually implement it!


Trainers, Speakers, Authors, Master Marriage Mentors & Entrepreneurs! Dino and Shannon Watt have a deep passion for helping people enhance their marriage.

Throughout the last 17 years of marriage, along with raising three children, they have developed specific systems in their relationship with the purpose of improving marriages and families.

Taking their unique approach of translating basic principles and systems used by successful companies and incorporating them into marriage, they developed & Founded The Business of Marriage.

If you are looking for an insightful, informal, and highly entertaining approach to enhancing your marriage, The Business of Marriage training is full of fantastic information that will increase your understanding and loveā€”no matter the status of your relationship.

For a limited time, you can TRANSFORM your RELATIONSHIP for JUST $397!

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